About Missing Link

Helping businesses sell more by leveraging technology

Missing Link was formed to collaborate with businesses and help them achieve their sales and digital marketing goals. We prefer to think in terms of what your company needs to succeed online, not just “building a website,” “making an app,” or “doing SEO.”

We work best with organizations that think how we think : organizations that realize a single, one-time project might not be enough to separate them from the competition.

Our goal is to provide our customers the means to effectively present and market themselves online successfully. We strategically help build your brand, improve your global web presence, and develop more meaningful relationships with your customers.

Missing Link is in amongst those global principal IT companies which set an example of technology innovation with consistent efforts focusing to pertain vision and mission of the company as to give priority not only to make an extensive client base but to maintain a customer-oriented environment to give breath to their ideas.

It serves a complete range of IT solutions fulfilling significant business needs across various Industries from educational institutes,Manufacturing sector,Logistics ,corporates to health and care.

Working with a wide range of businesses, industries, and organizations throughout the India and abroad, our primary goal is to help other small/medium businesses succeed in their endeavors.

As a small business owner, We understand the challenges that come with running your own company.

One of those challenges is creating a strong online presence. One that not only reflects your constantly evolving brand and identity – but one that speaks to your customers, as well.

Throughout our career in web design, We’ve developed a unique design style with strong attention to detail. We believe in a less is more approach. Just because you can have all the bells and whistles, doesn’t mean that you should.

It’s important to determine which elements are key to getting your message across to your customers – and which ones get in the way.We’ll help you wade through the options, to find out what works best for you.

For the duration of your project and beyond, we’ll work closely together, to ensure that your web site fits your individual needs, vision and style.

We’ll work together as a team throughout all phases of the web site design and development process, in order to bring the vision for your web site forward, and into reality.

As we begin the process of building your site, We’ll learn about you, your business and your customers. We’ll combine this information with years of experience in coding and design – so that together – we can develop a plan to help your business grow.